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 Alan Blaustein is a location and studio photographer located 20 km north of San Francisco, California specializing in commercial and fine art photography. He has developed a flourishing career photographing for real estatecorporate, advertising, and editorial clients. Alan’s unique style of image making has successfully crossed over, bringing a fine art photography approach to his commercial photography.

Alan is a passionate traveler and image maker. During time spent abroad and within the USA, he has captured a unique variety of photography ranging from architecture to landscapes, in addition to portraits and still life photography. His vast collection of fine art photography is featured in museum, gallery and private collections. Alan’s calendars, cards, and wall decor are available in retail stores and also can be found editorially in periodicals, books, and magazines.

Alan’s nostalgic, soft, romantic and alluring imagery brings the past into the present. Please browse our website image library which showcases a cross section of photography available for exhibition, image licensing, stock photography and as limited edition hand printed photographic prints. Alan is available for travel location photography projects abroad and within the USA.

Residential Architecture

Commercial Architecture • Corporate + Editorial Projects2019 North Bay Communities Project

Recent Properties: 50heronct.com596sausalitoblvd.com • 795eucalyptus.com                                 • 883marindr.com

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             89 West Shore_6813A_AB     89 West Shore_6898A_AB 13 West Pier_7549_AB                        16 Hill St_5259_AB  16 Hill St_5158_AB 16 Hill St_5162_AB          201 Belle_5674_AB 201 Belle_5730_AB 201 Belle_5708_AB 1563 Francisco_0056_AB 1563 Francisco_0099_AB 1563 Francisco_0088_AB 1563 Francisco_0095_AB 1563 Francisco_0118_AB  2 Molino MV_2228_AB 2 Molino MV_2214_AB 2 Molino MV_2201_2_AB 53 Mt Whitney_1333_AB 2300 Divisadero_0304_5 2300 Divisadero_0275_6 2300 Divisadero_0036_7_8_9 - Version 2 2300 Divisadero_0041_42_43 2300 Divisadero_0044_5_6_7_8 2300 Divisadero_0031_2_3_4_5 - Version 2 2300 Divisadero_0049_50_51_52_53_54  2300 Divisadero_0075_6_7 2300 Divisadero_0089_90_91_92 2300 Divisadero_0112_3_4 2300 Divisadero_0119_20_21_22 2300 Divisadero_0127_28_29_30 2300 Divisadero_0139_40_41 2300 Divisadero_0157_58_59_60 2300 Divisadero_0268_9  2023 Jefferson SF_0069_72 795 Eucalyptus_8823_AB 795 Eucalyptus_8820_AB 795 Eucalyptus_8837_AB 795 Eucalyptus_8848_AB 795 Eucalyptus_8930_AB    152 Harvard_0508 152 Harvard_0264 152 Harvard_0287 Final

    1563 Francisco_0233_AB 1563 Francisco_0222_AB Hudson Valley Blooms Hudson Valley Blooms Hudson Valley Blooms 560 Edgewood_0024_5_6_7_8 560 Edgewood_0186 560 Edgewood_0016_7_8 - Version 2 2 Molino MV_2296_AB 2 Molino MV_2197_AB 2 Molino MV_2146_AB 2300 Divisadero_0057_58_59_60_61_62 2300 Divisadero_0068_69_70 2300 Divisadero_0324_5_6 65-norfolk_0354_5_6_7_8 65-norfolk_0401_2_3 65-norfolk_0371_2_3_4_5 152 Harvard_0262   152 Harvard_0244 Final 154 Harvard_0255 152 Harvard_0314 Final 152 Harvard_0360 Hudson Valley Blooms 152 Harvard_0363 Final 152 Harvard_0455 2300 Divisadero_0310_1_2 152 Harvard_0463  2125 Filbert #0054-55

Commercial Architecture

Residential ArchitectureCorporate Editorial Projects • PublicationsCommercial Archive 

Spirit Realty • USA locationsSpirit 2015_Banner #7Spirit 2015_Banner_2Spirit 2015_Banner_1Spirit 2015_Banner_3ASpirit 2015_Banner_5Spirit 2015_Banner_4Spirit 2015 banner #6

Doppio Zero • 395 Hayes St, San Francisco California

Meatball Bar602 Hayes St, San Francisco California

Doppio Zero • 160 Castro St, Mountain View California

Doppio Zero • 1088 N.Wolfe Road, Cupertino California

The Meatball Bar • 126 Sutter St, San Francisco, California

35 Harbor Dr • Novato California

DeBorba’s Bar + Marys Crepes • Novato, CaliforniaDeBorba's • Marys Crepes

Asabu Station • Sapporo, JapanHokkaido 2017 Cafe & Bars #1Hokkaido 2017 Cafe & Bars #2Hokkaido 2017 Cafe & Bars #3

Zaxby’s • College Park and Jonesboro, Georgiazaxbys-banner-1Spirit 2015_0437 Zaxby's Jonesboro GA

Wawa • Hockessin, Delawarewawa-banner-1Spirit 2015_0110 Wawa Hockessin, Delaware

South Carolina Oncology Center • Columbia, S.Carolinasouth-carolina-oncology-banner-1Spirit 2015_0252 SC Oncology

Pine Creek Medical Center • Dallas, Texaspine-creek-medical-center-dallas-texas

Vantage Data Centers • Quincy, Washingtonvantage-data-centers-quincy-wa-banner-1

Best Buy  • Fayetteville, North Carolinabest-buy-banner-1 spirit-2015_0467-bb-fayettville-nc

Circle K Market • Savannah, Georgiacircle-k-mart-savannah-georgia-banner-1Spirit 2015_0747 Circle K, Savannah GA

CVS • Orlando, Floridacvs-orlando-florida-banner-1 spirit-2015_0850-cvs-orlando-florida-pano

Academy Sports • Macon, Georgiaacademy-sports-macon-georgra-banner-1 spirit_0251-academy-macon-georgia

KFC Taco Bell • Roswell, Georgiataco-bell-roswell-georgia-banner-1

Holiday Inn Express, Mill Valley, CaliforniaCorporate + Editorial Projects Banner #31

Haggen’s • Carlsbad, Californiahagens-carlsbad-ca-banner-1spirit-2015_0036-haggens-carlsbad-pano

Haggen’s • El Cajon, Californiahaggens-el-cajon-ca-banner-1spirit-2015_0453-haggens-el-cajon

Haggen’s  Chula Vista, Californiahaggens-chula-vista-ca-banner-1

Yard House • Cincinnati, Ohioyard-house-cincinnati-ohio-banner-1Spirit 2015_0479Spirit 2015_0417 Pano

Lowes • Cincinnati, Ohiolowes-cincinnati-oh-banner-1spirit_0628-pano

Walmart • New London, Wisconsinwalmart-new-london-wi-banner-1spirit-2015_0230-walmart-new-london-wiSpirit 2015_0193 PanoSpirit 2015_0188-Pano

Slim Chickens • Fayetteville Arkansasslim-chickens-fayetteville-arkansas-banner-1

Main Event Entertainment • Forth Worth, Texasmain-event-fort-worth-texas-banner-1spirit_0416-pano

Superpumper • Scottsdale, ArizonaSuperpumper Scottsdale Arizona Banner #3spirit_0141-panoramic

Home Depot • Longwood, ColoradoHome Depot Colma CA + Longwood Coloradohome-depot-colma-ca-pano-1

Corporate + Editorial Projects

Publications • Architecture: Commercial + Residential • Commercial Archives • 2018 Paris + Italia

Doppio Zero • 395 Hayes St, San Francisco California

Doppio Zero1088 N.Wolfe RdCupertino California

Meatball Bar • 602 Hayes St, San Francisco California

Meatball Bar • 126 Sutter St, San Francisco California

Doppio Zero • 160 Castro St, Mountain View California

Cloud Velox • Santa Clara CaliforniaCloud-Velox-Corporate-Portraits-1Cloud-Velox-Corporate-Portraits-3

VidderCampbell CaliforniaVidder Corporate Portraits #1Vidder Corporate Portraits #2

Kantola ProductionsMill Valley CaliforniaKantola_Banner #1

Editorial PortraitsCafe & Bars Banner #5Corporate + Editorial Projects Banner #7Corporate + Editorial Projects Banner #8Corporate + Editorial Projects Banner #6

Asabu StationSapporo JapanHokkaido 2017 Cafe & Bars #1Hokkaido 2017 Cafe & Bars #2Hokkaido 2017 Cafe & Bars #3

 Lavazza Coffee • Lavazza USA

Vantage Data CentersQuincy, Washington + Santa Clara, CaliforniaCorporate + Editorial Projects Banner #32Corporate + Editorial Projects Banner #14A

TCIFreemont CaliforniaCorporate + Editorial Projects Banner #28



2019 Releases with ColorCorporate Editorial ProjectsParis 2018Italia 2018                          Please watch 2018 Calendar Video 2019 Reflective Moments Calendar Review

Sitting at a café and indulging in an espresso or taking in the breathtaking views of the vineyard draped hillsides, your imagination will sweep you away all year long to the charming Italian country. Share the charm of Italian life, the love of great buildings, of sitting and talking on a piazza, and gorgeous seasides and breathtaking mountains in the Italy Wall Calendar.

Join world renowned photographer and passionate traveler Alan Blaustein on this tour of Italy from Venice to Tuscany and beyond. Be swept away all year with these alluring images reminiscent of everyday Italian life. Elegance and grace abound as you track appointments, dates, and make notes or create your own system of colors, symbols, and abbreviations to make using the Italy Wall Calendar a simple joy to be used daily. This 2019 Italy Wall Calendar features twelve full month grids with an additional four planning months leading in to the next year. Give this calendar as a gift or keep it for yourself to embellish any room of your home. Frame the magnificent photographs featuring the beauty and charm of Italian living as decoration for any room.

 2018 Italia Cover2018-italia-back-cover bd-it2017-back-coverbd-it2017-cover italia-2016-cover italia-2016-back-cover paris-2016-cover paris-2016-back-cover 2015 Italia Cover Final2015-italia-back-cover 2015-paris-cover 2015-paris-back-cover Korsch Paris Banner#1Cafe & Bars Banner #1St Martins Press Book CoversPublications Covers Banner #1       Lavazza Banner #1


Lago di Como, Italia

Italia 2018 B/W Italia Panoramic Vertical + Horizontal Italia Image Archive                                   Italia + Caffe ItalianoReflective Moments Italia 2017 B/W