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This year’s photo shoot in Italia worked out quite well and was highlighted by unusual and dramatic weather conditions for the summer season. At every location daily there were brief rain storms. In retrospect it was excellent for the photography. The pavement and ground was often glowing with intense sky’s presence in the backgrounds. I had spent many hours waiting in doorways, cafes and in churches dodging the stormy weather.
I had the challenge of trying to represent a geographic diversity of images with impact for 3 different projects in 9 days. Using a 3 camera setup with 2 tripods worked well to satisfy the image format specifications. A large format Panoramic Camera and my standard Hassablad, my usual gear with 200 rolls of 120cm B/W film. In addition in color with a digital camera as well to broaden the image usage possibilities from the journey.

I dedicate this collection of Italia Recent images to Hime. RIP my family dog of 14 years…………