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Sapporo Cafe & Tea House Collection

JP250_Mr Yamaguchi

The Japanese Tea and Coffee cup image collection is an ongoing exploration of traditional Japanese Tea and Coffee cups that still exist and are utilized today; these cups are often collected and usually go unnoticed. The different designs and styles of the cups help to define and reveal the past and present cultural influences. The forms and styles of the Japanese cups vary with the specific types of teas and beverages, which usually reflects the original use that the cup was intended for.

I photographed this series on location over a period of 10 years on the island of Hokkaido in Sapporo, Japan at a customary Japanese Coffee and Tea House. Using the decor of the traditional Japanese style coffee shop, soft select focus and sepia tones I was able to create a mood that emphasizes the simple design elements and form of the cup. By photographing with B/W film, using soft natural lighting and long exposures I have evoked a past bygone era which pays homage and respect to the Japanese Coffee and Tea culture.

Update: January 2016 Mr. Yamaguchi closed the Sapporo Cafe and Tea House for personal health reasons and now this collection of photographs serves as a homage to a vanishing era. Unfortunately the cafe needed many updates, so a parking lot was constructed where the cafe used to stand. I dedicate this series to, “The Master” Mr. Yamaguchi whom had became my good friend and gave me the knowledge and understanding of the Japanese tea and beverages tradition which was the driving spirit and inspiration for this collection of photographs.

Untitled-2 Untitled-1 JP248 JP247 JP250A JP168 JP226_AB JP223 JP259- JP246 JP240 JP241 JP242 JP243 JP244 JP254-  JP 176 JP 177 JP 178 JP 179 JP 180 JP 181 JP 182 JP 183 JP 184 JP 185 JP 186 JP 187 JP 188 JP253- JP 189 JP 190 JP92 JP94 JP95 Alan Blaustein Photography JP158 JP239 JP238 JP255- JP237 JP236 JP235 JP234 JP233 JP232 JP231 JP258- JP229 JP228A JP227 JP221 JP222 JP224 JP225 JP220 JP219 (1) JP218 JP219 JP218 (1) JP217 JP216 JP209 JP211 JP214 JP215 JP208 JP207 JP206 JP205 JP204 JP203 JP202 JP195 JP196 JP197 JP200 JP199 JP198 JP201 JP194 JP175 JP174 JP173 JP172 JP171 JP165 JP164 JP166 JP167 JP169 JP163 JP162 JP161 JP160 JP159 JP158A JP149 JP150 JP151 JP154 JP156 JP157 JP148 JP147 JP146 JP145 JP144 JP143 JP142 JP135 JP136 JP137 JP139 JP138 JP140 JP141 JP133 JP134 JP132 JP127A JP126A JP124A JP123A Alan Blaustein Photography JP120A JP121A JP122A JP50 JP270- JP262- JP51 JP58 JP56 JP55 JP54 JP53 JP52 JP59 JP61 JP62 JP63 JP65 JP70 JP64 JP77 JP85 JP84 JP75 JP83 JP76 JP74 JP82 JP80 JP73 JP72 JP79 JP78 JP71 JP86 JP87 JP88 JP89 JP90 JP91 JP99 JP98 JP97 JP96 JP94 JP93 JP100 JP101 JP102 JP103 JP104 JP108A JP116A JP115A Untitled-3 Untitled-5 JP114A Untitled-4 JP113A Untitled-6 JP112A JP111A JP118A JP117A JP110A

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